Member Focus: Interteam Mexico

Interteam was founded in 1996 and have established themselves as an independent NVOCC. They specialise in Ocean and Air cargo consolidation as a neutral wholesaler.

Their mission is to support their clients by meeting and fulfilling the highest expectations in cargo and logistics services in general. Furthermore, they aim to implement the highest standards in the market, and rely on the talent of their qualified staff and cutting-edge technology through their IT platform. Finally, they strive to guarantee clients´ total satisfaction.

Their vision is to establish themselves as the leading national and international cargo consolidation and logistics services company. Additionally, they envision providing the highest quality and satisfaction to clients, completely fulfilling the needs of the global logistics market.

They believe that their neutrality is their most precious value as their customers know that they will handle their information with confidence.

Why choose Interteam Mexico?
  • They have strong expertise regarding DG cargo. Within their external warehouse, they have the capability to perform the DG checklist. If any discrepancy is identified, it is corrected before tendering the goods to the airline’s warehouse. This step considerably reduces the risk of the goods being rejected for transportation.
  • Their market presence gives them the ability to negotiate rates with all the online and offline airlines reaching Mexico. All possible options, from narrow-body planes to the 747 freighter planes, are within their scope, from 1 box to any project cargo shipments or perishable goods.
  • Due to complex Customs restrictions, the team is able to generate many options to ensure successful imports and exports as they find a solution to fulfil the local regulations. This allows them to handle almost any kind of good for companies as well as individuals who sometimes need to trade personal effects or other goods such as cars or tools, or temporary imports under Carnet ATA mode.
  • They also have reliable local suppliers to reach all countries by LTL or FTL, depending on client needs. Their direct presence in MTY, GDL MEX, and most recently NLU airports, complement the range in the main cities.
  • Their spot rates give them the opportunity to get competitive rates, every time.
The Team
From left to right:
Cristopher Flores: Customer Service (MEX Airport office)
Lukas Loosli: Managing Director
Octavio Changpo: Customer Service and Operations/Agents
Miguel Medina: Air Freight Operations Team Leader
Aissa Castillo: Customer Service and Operations
Daniel Alvarado: Customer Service and Operations

Interteam Mexico is in the top 5 NVOCC, with an important potential in progress to be developed. The specialisation of each member of the team in the air freight mode makes the difference. They have DG IATA Certifications and their internal continuous training ensures that they are up to date with the different airline offers and routes. 

Interteam Mexico finds a way to make sure that shipments get to their destination.

Thank you to Miguel Medina (Air Freight Operations Team Leader) for sending us some interesting facts about the team in Mexico.