Member Focus: Shipco Taiwan

Shipco Taiwan Airfreight began operation in December 2015. While Shipco Transport’s ocean freight operations had an existing presence in Taiwan, Shipco was committed to developing the most complete global network, as well as providing diverse product offerings and customised solutions to a global customer base, thus expanding their airfreight offering.

Why choose Shipco Taiwan?

The team at Shipco Taiwan continuously strive to learn and expand their expertise, and they don’t limit themselves to general cargo. Furthermore:

  • They handle various types of cargo, which necessitates specialised knowledge and ongoing training for their airfreight department.
  • The team always tries to find the best solution for customers in terms of rate and t/time.
  • Quality services such as fast response, initiative cargo tracking and competitive offers are the key factors why customers choose Shipco Taiwan to handle their shipments.
  • They have their own vendor for refrigerated trucking services and cold storage.
  • Consolidation services are offered to Central Europe and most parts of the USA. They choose SQ/CV service for most destinations in Central Europe and NH service for most parts of the USA. Carrier CV / SQ, route TPE-LUX/SIN-Central Europe. Carrier NH, route TPE-NRT-ORD/LAX-parts of the USA.
  • Aside from Europe and US, they have frequent services to PVG, CAN, and BKK.
The Current Market

Despite COVID-19 impacts, the market cargo volume is showing a slight recovery after the summer vacation. However, the significant increase in passenger baggage due to many travelers going abroad has led to a reduction in available space. Therefore, there is still a struggle in terms of pricing and space availability.

The Shipco Taiwan team is not afraid to venture into unfamiliar territories, and they are eager to learn about each new thing. They hope to handle it just as proficiently as general cargo.

Front row from left to right: Ariel Tsai – Airfreight manager, Candy Chang – Airfreight customer service
Back row from left to right: Gary Huang – Sales manager, Peter Chou – Sales rep., Kenny Chang – Sales rep

This cohesive team exemplifies synergy, seamlessly leveraging each member’s strengths to achieve shared goals. Their collaborative spirit extends beyond the professional, as they enthusiastically invest time in team-building activities. The exchange of thoughtful gifts during the festive season, such as Christmas, further solidifies their strong team bond and highlights the genuine care and appreciation they have for one another.

Thank you to Eva Chen (General Manager) for sending us some insightful information about the team in Taiwan.