Member Focus: Shipco Malaysia

Shipco Transport Port Klang, was established on April 7, 1995 to further service the growing customer base in Malaysia and to establish a presence in the main deep sea port in Port Klang. In 2008, Air offices opened in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, further expanding their airfreight presence in Asia. Shipco Malaysia expanded to a total of 5 offices in March 2015, with the opening of Ipoh and Pasir Gudang.

Shipco Malaysia focuses on consolidations, strong technology and IT, service coverage and value-adds, freight forwarders and expert cargo handling and distribution. Their key differentiators include neutrality, service commitment, expert staff members, multiple service offerings, direct service portfolio, and e-commerce and innovation.

They have bonded warehouses located at Maskargo and Pos Aviation (KUL) and at the Penang Cargo complex (PEN). They have access to a cold storage warehouse at Maskargo (KUL).

Shipco Malaysia capabilities
  • General Cargo: This includes everyday items like consumer goods, electronics, clothing, and other nonspecialised products.
  • Project Cargo: Large, heavy, or oversized items that require specialided handling and transportation, often used in construction or industrial projects.
  • Household Goods: Personal belongings and household items that are typically transported during
    residential moves.
  • Dangerous Goods (DG): Hazardous materials that pose risks during transportation, including chemicals, flammable substances, and explosives.
  • Temperature-Controlled Cargo: Products that need to be kept at specific temperatures, such as perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, and certain chemicals.
  • Pharmaceutical Cargo: Medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products that require strict
    temperature control and handling to maintain their efficacy.
  • Perishables: Fresh produce, which require careful handling and transportation to preserve their quality such as fruits, flowers.
  • Automobiles and Vehicles: Cars, aircraft engine and other vehicles.
  • Oversized and Overweight Cargo: Items that exceed standard size or weight limits and require special permits and equipment for transport.
  • A hand carry shipment: This services is typically used for urgent or high-value items that require rapid
    delivery, personal supervisions or secure transportation
The Team
The Current Market

Malaysia’s 2022 post-pandemic recovery was robust, bolstered by a diversified economy, strong policy frameworks, and commodity exports. However, 2023 brings policy trade-offs, including a projected growth slowdown, high inflation, and substantial private debt.

Challenges arise from elevated inflation and external pressures affecting key export markets, potentially impacting growth prospects. The newly elected government faces the intricate task of ensuring policy
continuity while implementing the ambitious Twelfth Malaysia Plan and the MADANI vision outlined in the 2023 budget.

Although certain sectors lagged during the recovery, inequality increased. Financial stability concerns emerge from the necessity of monetary tightening amid high household and corporate debt levels.

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Thank you to Laiping Chu (Airfreight Manager) for sharing this insightful information about Malaysia.