Member Focus: Jet Trans Austria

Incorporated in 1978, Jet Trans Austria is one of the last 100% manager-owned International Forwarding Agencies in Austria that act independently and on a neutral basis.

They have their own warehouse at HQ INN (Kematen), which is approximately 300 m². It is also GDP certified for Pharmas, temperature-controlled, and can store 33 pal-places individually, -20°C to +25°C, on a trailer. At VIE and LNZ, Jet Trans Austria has hired space in the airport warehouses, however, they are not temperature controlled.

Jet Trans Austria mainly operates on a spot basis. Exports go to the Far-East, USA, RSA, and imports from the USA and the Far-East.

Why Jet Trans Austria?
  • They handle DGR, perishable/temperature controlled (chilled, frozen) pharma, enviro-tainers, and household goods
  • If you prefer “self-service“ on online platforms with no-reply answers, or platforms asking you if you are a robot, then Jet Trans Austria is not the right provider. However, if you like real solutions and want a real and reliable person to do your work, they encourage you to reach out to them for assistance
  • They have 42 years of experience and are still independent and neutral
Current airfreight market situation

The market situation varies according to the different regions. In some cases, clients leave the aforementioned “self-service” behind due to lack of service, however, some clients stick to it. Jet Trans Austria hopes that people revert to personal contacts and expertise, as well as special solutions, instead of standard solutions offered by giants. COVID-19 and reduced working time have also left stains on the market and productivity is still suffering.

Thank you to Arthur Prissmann for sharing some insightful information about their team.