Member Focus: Ranur Logistics Brazil

Ranur Logistics Brazil prides itself on adopting an innovative, customer-centric, and environmentally conscious approach to logistics and transportation solutions. Their office headquarters are strategically located in São Paulo, Brazil’s financial centre and most populous state. Additionally, they have established a strong presence in nine other cities within the country and an additional office in Miami, USA. This extensive setup enables them to operate seamlessly across all major Brazilian air and ocean ports while fostering a robust network of partner agents worldwide, a legacy they have upheld for the past 27 years.

Distinguished by a focus that extends beyond conventional transport services, Ranur Logistics Brazil offers comprehensive logistics solutions and meticulous cargo monitoring right from the point of origin, ensuring a favourable balance of cost and benefits for their clients.

Leveraging their wealth of expertise and resources, Ranur Logistics Brazil stands prepared to assist clients in capitalizing on free trade opportunities, nurturing growth, and seizing development prospects across the globe. They offer efficient transportation options via air, ocean, and ground, catering to diverse needs with utmost proficiency.

Why choose Ranur Logistics Brazil?
  • They can accommodate any type of cargo, excluding live animals and weapons.
  • They regularly provide services for imports and exports to the Americas and Asia.

Ranur Logistics Brazil is the preferred choice of clients due to the specialized expertise of their air team in handling critical cargo, delivering unwavering services seven days a week to ensure efficiency. Their versatility extends to functioning in all airports across Brazil, making them well-prepared to fulfil diverse transportation requirements.

Combining the best attributes of both large-scale enterprises and small operations, Ranur Logistics Brazil takes immense pride in its ability to handle complex projects and challenges while offering personalized attention and a detail-oriented approach.

The core objective of Ranur Logistics Brazil revolves around establishing invaluable partnerships that complement and enhance their clients’ business operations, working towards shared success and mutual growth.

Fun Fact
  • “Ranur” means Sky in Korean. (actually pronounce is Hanul)
  • They have also coordinated the transportation of Formula-E cars.

Thank you to Benjamin Min for sharing this insight into Ranur Brazil.