Member Focus: SACO Germany

SACO Airfreight Germany has a rich history in freight forwarding dating back to 1996. It was established in Norderstedt, Hamburg Airport as a subsidiary of SACO Shipping. With a strong work ethic, a passion for business, and a keen eye for new opportunities, SACO Airfreight quickly emerged as a pioneer in neutral freight forwarding across Germany and all major German airports.

In 2003, SACO Airfreight Germany expanded its operations by opening an office at Frankfurt Airport, the largest airport in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. This strategic location positioned them as a crucial transportation hub, facilitating the consolidation of goods from around the world. The region’s innovative logistics development, favourable customs regulations, and extensive flight connections to global destinations made it an ideal base for numerous European distribution centres.

In 2013, SACO Airfreight Germany achieved a significant milestone by acquiring Groupair Netherlands and Belgium through its parent company, SACO Shipping. This acquisition allowed them to continue their airfreight activities under the name of SACO Groupair. It also provided them with enhanced capabilities to deliver high-level neutral airfreight solutions while preserving the valued flexibility and customer-centric approach associated with smaller and mid-sized forwarders.

Through their collaboration with neutral partners from the ACG network, SACO Groupair ensures efficient and optimized services while adhering to strict neutrality standards. They offer consolidated airfreight services on a weekly basis to various destinations worldwide, utilizing palletization to expedite cargo delivery at a significantly reduced cost. In addition to consolidation services, they handle back-to-back and IATA Direct shipments to global destinations, providing DAP/DDP prepaid or collect options.

SACO Groupair, recognized as the 24th-ranked IATA Agent in Germany, holds a regulated agent status in the EU database. In addition, they possess an ISO 9001:2015 certificate and an AEO-F license. These accolades reflect their commitment to quality and compliance.

Understanding the unique challenges businesses encounter on a daily basis, SACO Groupair has developed a range of services specifically designed to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

Why SACO Germany?
  • Alongside their own 2500sqm bonded and DG warehouse at HAM Airport, SACO Groupair offers terminal handling services throughout Germany in collaboration with contractual partners. This allows them to efficiently handle general cargo, dangerous goods (DG), and temperature-controlled goods for their customers across the country.
  • SACO Groupair specializes in handling a diverse range of cargo types, including projects, specialized shipments, batteries, DG (excluding Class 1 and 7), temperature-controlled goods, pharmaceuticals, and, of course, general cargo.
  • SACO Groupair’s main import routes encompass Asia and the United States, while their primary export routes extend to Asia, Africa, LATAM (Latin America), and the United States.
  • SACO Groupair offers additional frequent services to various destinations. They provide multiple weekly services to PVG (Shanghai Pudong International Airport), JNB (Johannesburg), and LATAM (Latin America). These regular services ensure reliable and efficient transportation solutions for their customers to these specific locations.

SACO Groupair’s clients benefit from the convenience of working with a team that possesses a deep understanding of their needs. The team is adept at customizing solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client. Additionally, clients gain access to SACO Groupair’s extensive global neutral network, allowing them to leverage exclusive relationships with prime carriers and vendors. This grants them access to a wide range of options and competitive advantages in the freight forwarding industry.

SACO Groupair offers small to mid-sized customers access to a remarkable buying power and infrastructure that mirrors that of a global freight forwarder. Their genuine unique selling proposition (USP) lies in their commitment to neutrality, which sets them apart from other German airfreight companies. By conducting business differently and tailoring solutions to meet the specific demands of their customers, SACO Groupair continually highlights itself as a distinctive player in the industry.

Thank you to Andreas Papathanasiou (Managing Director) for providing valuable insight into SACO Germany.