Member Focus: SACO LATAM

SACO LATAM has different capabilities in each country, but they mostly handle specialized, pharma, Haz, Temperature-controlled, perishable, vulnerable, and General cargo. They recommend checking with their agents in each country for cargo acceptance.

They operate mostly under Airport warehouses, which are fully dependent on the airport’s capabilities, for bonded and for cold storage as well. Please check with them and they will gladly confirm whether they have a bonded warehouse or cold storage facility at each destination.

Main import & export consol routes

The main route services would be USA and Northern Europe. Providing expertise and neutral consoles.

Other frequent services

They offer AIR/SEA from Asia via DUBAI to certain destinations in LATAM. They also provide TS services by land, to find specific solutions for their clients.

Why book cargo with LATAM ?

They provide Neutral and integrated services. They take neutrality very seriously and can provide different integrated services, not only airfreight, to clients, such as LCL; FCL; warehousing, and so on.

The market is highly competitive and demanding with many different players. SACO LATAM’s globally known neutrality sets them apart as they provide safe business to clients.

Fun Fact

Most SACO LATAM offices have a SACO BAR, a playroom, and even a BBQ! They are always ready for clients so if you haven’t seen one, please just let them know, and they will be happy to have you over.

Thank you to Bruno Acquarone Pan – Commercial Manager – SACO Groupair LATAM for providing us with the information for this article.