Member Focus: Shipco Canada

Shipco Canada is a neutral wholesaler exclusively offering its services to freight forwarders and logistics providers.

Shipco Canada offers hundreds of scheduled consolidations and direct services to even the most remote airports around the globe from numerous gateways. They provide a full range of origin and destination points with competitive pricing based on allocated or block-space agreements.

Their consolidations are more than airport-to-airport and include: arranging collect shipments, door delivery, or simply turning over documents to a client’s agent. When freight needs to move on its own, they have numerous options to easily accommodate a client’s needs, and they can consign an airway bill directly to an agent or customer.

Shipco has 34 of its own offices in the Americas and Asia, and through its membership with ACG, Shipco Canada has neutral air freight partners throughout the world.

With Shipco Canada, the small to mid-sized forwarder has access to buying power and infrastructure that mirrors that of a global freight forwarder.

Why Shipco Canada?
  • They handle all kinds of freight except perishable or temperature-controlled shipments.
  • They have a bonded warehouse.
  • Their main import and export consol routes are AMS, BRU, and LAX.
  • They are conveniently located at the YYZ airport cargo terminal and have personal relationships with all the carriers and their cargo warehouses.
  • They are able to directly communicate with the carriers and their service providers without any delays, which means that all issues are addressed and resolved the moment that they arise.

Clients appreciate Shipco Canada because of their prompt response time. Shipco Canada prides itself in having knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff which sets it apart from the other freight forwarders in Canada.

Thank you to Peter Sulak and Hamit Cil (Airfreight Managers) for sharing some insightful information about their team.