Member Focus: Shipco Hong Kong

Shipco Hong Kong is located in the Kwai Chung area of Hong Kong, also considered the main logistics hub in the city. The excellent connectivity to its ground transportation networks helps facilitate the smooth movement of goods to and from the Hong Kong International Airport terminals, enabling Shipco to offer comprehensive airfreight solutions.

Hong Kong, a global commercial and trade centre, also known as, the gateway to China, attracts a wide range of industries and companies from all over the world. This advantage allows Shipco to tap into its diverse customer base, serving both local and international clients operating in Hong Kong and China.

The main import products of Hong Kong include telecommunications, broadcasting equipment, healthcare products, medical equipment, textiles and apparatus, and home and office appliances. The main export products of Hong Kong include telecommunications, garments and fashion accessories, electronic devices and equipment, lithium batteries, and much more.

When shipping goods by air, Shipco Transport is committed to delivering efficient and reliable services.

Why Shipco Hong Kong?
  • Neutrality guaranteed.
  • They handle all general cargoes, dangerous goods, project shipments, sea-air solutions and charter operations.
  • They offer air import consolidation services from USA, Europe and Asia.
  • They offer regular air exports services to USA, Europe, and Middle East.
  • They offer frequent air export services to South Africa, Dubai, Greece, Spain, Philippines and Vietnam.

Shipco Hong Kong’s services are highly sought after by clients due to their guaranteed neutrality and ability to handle shipments according to individual requests. They provide daily follow-up reports and show a keen interest in understanding the needs of their clients as freight forwarders. Shipco remains dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing market requirements. Their approach focuses on building true partnerships, enabling them to be solution-driven and fostering mutual growth in the long run. The company’s reputation is built on satisfying client preferences by prioritizing personalized service and effective communication.

We thank Leslie Chung (General Manager, Overseas Airfreight Development) for sharing this valuable information about Shipco Hong Kong.