Member Focus: Shipco Thailand

Shipco Thailand aims to make global shipping easy as the go-to partner for freight forwarders and logistics providers. They’ve got clients covered – from multiple gateways, offering competitive pricing based on allocated or block-space agreements, and handling everything from arranging collect shipments to door deliveries.

Their core business is air export from freight forwarding customers (Co-Load). Therefore, they handle all cargo types based on client requirements and tailor flexible solutions to meet these unique needs. They mostly manage General Cargo e.g. E-Part, Spare Part, Auto Parts, Garments, Household Goods, etc. and DG, Pharma, and Project shipments from time to time. Global restrictions include prohibited commodities e.g. High-Value Cargo, Live Animals, Weapons, Bank Notes, etc.

They are IATA certified with their own offices at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Why choose Shipco Thailand?
  • Door-to-Door service capability
  • Direct stock AWB through 30+ international airlines
  • Their team is highly energetic, with a full backup plan to follow up on shipments and keep all parties informed at every point in the shipment lifecycle
  • The operations team monitor all activities on the ground – both Air Imports and Exports and ensure that clients receive the best customer service

Shipco Thailand offers regular imports from major ports in the USA, Europe, and Asia. While, for exports, most clients prefer to move their shipments under back-to-back AWB. Additionally, they usually handle Foreign-to-Foreign shipments upon client request.

The Team
Back Row (left to right):
1. Mr. Poonsawad (Airport Operation)
2. Mr. Tananchai (Airport Operation)
3. Ms. Uraiporn (Senior Air Import)
4. Mr. Surasit (Air Freight Manager)
5. Mr. Naruepop (Air Import Supervisor)
6. Mr. Warawut (Air Freight Sales Rep.)
Front Row (left to right):
7. Ms. Natthakarn (Air Freight Sales Rep.)
8. Ms. Piyabhorn (Senior Air Export)
9. Ms. Chattika (Air Export Coordinator)
10. Ms. Kanyanat (Air Export Coordinator)
The Current Market

Following COVID-19, the market has been tough, with weakened demand and an increase in price competition. However, Shipco Thailand has been working tirelessly to increase the client base and the number of shipments offered with strategic pricing.

Thank you to Surasit Chinarungruang (Airfreight Manager) for the interesting facts about Shipco Thailand.