Member Focus: Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria

Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria’s offices are situated in Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, located in the western region of the country.

Bulgaria’s primary imports include fuels, machinery, transport equipment, metals, and raw materials. Among its major import partners are Russia, Germany, Italy, Romania, and Italy. Bulgaria’s primary exports include fuels, manufactured goods like clothing and footwear, machinery, transport equipment, and chemicals. Its primary export partners consist of Germany, Turkey, Italy, Greece, and Romania.

Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria is a fully impartial consolidator, providing comprehensive services in ocean, airfreight, and road transport. Their expertise extends to handling various cargo types, including General (including personal effects and Pharmaceutical Non-Restricted), as well as Dangerous Goods (DG). They take great pride in being authorized exporters, maintaining direct partnerships with airlines and GSA’s (General Sales Agents). Additionally, they possess the capability to manage temperature-controlled cargo through various European Union hubs in FRA (Frankfurt), BUD (Budapest), and ATH (Athens).

While there are no established regular consolidations available for airfreight, Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria offers spot consolidations or routes through EU hubs like FRA, BUD, and ATH.

Why choose Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria?
  • They have bonded warehouses with cold storage facilities. Available temperatures include 2℃ – 8℃ (including dry ice requirements) or 15℃ – 25℃.
  • Their frequent services include imports and exports to the Americas and Far East regions, with various origin/destination airports and consistent traffic flows.

Clients choose to work with Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria because they offer a comprehensive range of services for end-to-end solutions (covering different segments or the entire service). Their flexibility and customer-orientated approach, combined with their reliability and efficiency in handling customs, has established them as a dependable partner in Bulgaria’s airfreight market.

Skybridge Networks Consolidations Bulgaria stands out from other airfreight companies in Bulgaria due to their neutrality and remarkable ability to provide customers with route flexibility, tailored cargo parameters, and accommodation of specific customer requirements.

Thank you to Konstantin Ivanov (Managing Director) for sharing this insight into SBN.