Member Focus: Strait Air Denmark

Strait Air Transport is a specialist in all solutions related to the air freight business. Additionally, as a full freight forwarder, they offer express, ocean freight, sea/air, rail and road transport.

More about Strait Air Denmark
  • Services include a special on back-to-back shipments, DGR and households, and a 24/7/365 aerospace service
  • The city warehouse has a bonded permit and the airport warehouse has its own x-ray machine
  • Strait Air Denmark offers a pick-and-pack service at the city warehouse with courier services. They also offer a 24/7/365 service covering aerospace and marine ship spares, as well as packing facilities
Why book with Strait Air Denmark?

They are flexible and trustworthy. They get the work done smoothly at market prices and have a close follow-up process on shipments. Furthermore, they have 16 hardworking people working hard to get business done.

The market and Strait Air Denmark

The market for Q1, Q2, and Q3 has been good, although they have noted a slight slowdown in the freight market. Spaces are now available and it seems as though airlines are trying to keep rates at higher levels than before Covid.

Strait Air Denmark aims to move smoothly and lightly in the freight market, especially between bigger companies and with market pricing less 5%.

They believe that they can succeed with their motto: “Small enough to know you  …. Big enough to serve you.”

Thank you to Gunnar Nissen – Strait Air Denmark for the information for this article.