Member Focus: Woojung Air

Woojung Air Co., Ltd., was established in 1999 as a specialised air cargo consolidator. They provide a stable foundation of domestic freight forwarding solutions through a network of airlines and agents around the world.

Woojung Air is an innovative brand that provides total solutions for air logistics. Their Integrated Logistics Centre, located within the Incheon Airport Logistics Complex, is Korea’s first terminal dedicated to air freight with a systematic cargo classification system, and is able to provide a higher level of visibility by sharing real-time cargo information with customers through the web.

Through this, Woojung Air seeks to establish itself as a logistics consultant that provides the ultimate air logistics platform to customers, while presenting a new vision for the industry through change and innovation.

Why choose Woojung South Korea?
  • They handle a variety of cargo.
  • General cargo from their co-loading agents covers 90% of export shares, including e-commerce cargo and project cargo from some big companies like Samsung, Hyundai etc.
  • They operate 3,351 square meters of bonded warehouse in the cargo terminal of Incheon International Airport.
  • They have contracted Hard Block Agreements with airlines (LH, QR, TK, OZ) to provide guaranteed loading capacity.
  • They provide competitive Air Freight Rates by cargo details received from clients as they manage ULD themselves.

Woojung Air’s regular import consols include NRT (Tokyo), KIX (Osaka), YYZ (Ontario), and YVR (British Columbia). Other frequent services include providing 7 days of free storage services for AirCargoGroup partners. They also operate their own authorised security shuttle trucking inside the complex to ensure the safety of their valued clients’ cargo.

The Korean air freight market is becoming more competitive following COVID-19 as clients are cutting down rates intensively, even after the conditions have recovered. However, although the competition is overheating in the Korean market, Woojung is still one of the top air freight export companies that have signed Hard Block Contracts with major airlines. Providing diverse selection and loading capabilities makes guarantees them a sustained position in the Korean market.

Woojung Air is due to open another new bonded warehouse in the airport cargo terminal during the 4th quarter of 2023. It has an area of 20,103 square meters and is equipped with a temperature-controlled room. This will enable them to expand their 3PL business in early 2024.

We would like to acknowledge Sangmin Chun (Global Network Development / Senior Manager) for giving us more information on Woojung South Korea.